Twitter acquires Twitpic

Twitter acquires Twitpic, says the latter in a post.

We weren’t able to find a way to keep Twitpic independent. However, I’m happy to announce that we have reached an agreement with Twitter to give them the Twitpic domain and photo archive, thus keeping the photos and links alive for the time being. Twitter shares our goal of protecting our users and this data. Also, since Twitpic’s user base consists of Twitter users, it makes sense to keep this data with Twitter.

This is obviously a PR move on Twitter’s behalf. After the easily ridiculed turn of events surround Twitpic, the whole thing smells of a mercy thing. I hope Twitpic’s happy wih this, and that this whole mess is done and over with now.

Have you read <em>Haunted Futures</em> yet? cover

Have you read Haunted Futures yet?

I’ve got a story in the science fiction/near future anthology Haunted Futures, together with the likes of Warren Ellis and Tricia Sullivan. Check it out!