Things End

Things end, you know. It could be the book you’re reading, a movie series, or someone retiring. It could also be heroes passing, artists giving everything up to live a different life, or a love lost.

It’s sort of painful to think about.

Photo by Andrew_D_Hurley (CC).

Photo by Andrew_D_Hurley (CC).

Most of the time we miss trivial things. I’d imagine there was quite a few tears shed when the Harry Potter books (and the subsequent movie series) ended. There’ll no doubt be more when Peter Jackson’s done with Tolkien’s books, and I won’t be a happy boy when Alice Cooper calls it quits, whatever way.

But you know, these things aren’t only natural, they’re necessary. Nobody got to where they are by just looking at the same static world all the time.

A popular linkbait in the tech press is “the next Steve Jobs”, and for once there’s some truth in that story angle. Because how could there be a “next Steve Jobs” if he was still around? Then again, if we still had Jobs in this world then that wouldn’t mean that people weren’t striving to be as great as he was, so it’s sort of a moot point.

The legends, and the knowledge of what has been, are pushing us to create better things and to strive for more. It sucks when something you love ends, but that’s how it is and that’s how we grow.

Relish what was, create what will be. I think it’s that simple.

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Have you read Haunted Futures yet?

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