The Watch, the Macbook, and the rest

Apple’s event yesterday, spilling the details on the Apple Watch, and showing off the new Macbook, was interesting. Tim Cook did a great job on stage, as did the rest of Apple’s staff, but the guests all felt a bit off key. It matters little in the end. I think it was a good keynote.

Some thoughts:

  • I’m getting the Macbook. This is exactly what I want, as frequent readers know. I’m going for the more expensive model, in space gray.
  • I’m getting an Apple Watch. What can I say, I’m curious. I won’t spring for one of the more expensive ones though, most likely the larger Sport model, but I might just as well end up getting this one. I’ve got some time to decide, since it’s not launching in Sweden in phase 1. Pricing as expected, by the way. Wish I’d posted about that before the event, for some link love…
  • I already own an Apple TV, and I’m happy with it, but it needs some love. HBO Now is a big deal in the US, and it might be the final push some people need to cut the cord.
  • ResearchKit is intriguing, and I like that Apple’s open sourcing more and more stuff, although to be fair they’ve done that for quite some time. I’m optimistic, I like the sentiment, but they’ve a long way to go here.
  • 700 million iPhones are a lot of iPhones. Just wanted to remind you of that.

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