The iPad gives me flexibility

How I wish that the iPad was enough. Don’t get me wrong, I love my MacBook Air, I love the sheer power of the maxed out iMac, and the thought of a portable workhorse in my MacBook Pro. Still, my go to device, my preferred device even, is the iPad. Sometimes with a bluetooth keyboard (from Apple, with the Incase Origami case), but always with me, even if the 11″ Air is.

Why? Because the iPad gives me total flexibility.

  • I can read, be it books or articles or some other kind of research.
  • I can listen to music or watch videos.
  • I can play games.
  • I can waste time on Twitter.
  • I can write.
  • I can even write with an external keyboard.

Most of the time, my bluetooth keyboard sits in my bag, but if the situation permits I’ll pull it out and set everything up. It is a smooth process, not much to think about really, since it just works when you’ve paired the bluetooth keyboard the first time.

Yes, the iPad with a Smart Cover and the Apple keyboard with the Incase Origami weighs about as much as my 11″ MacBook Air. “So why not just bring the Air?” is the typical question.

Because sometimes I just want to consume, and I prefer reading and watching on my iPad.

In fact, most of my day that is not in an office (with a 27″ Thunderbolt display at my disposal) is sitting somewhere doing research, or traveling. The iPad is perfect for this.

It is also perfect for writing, thanks to great apps and the fact that you can add an external keyboard using bluetooth should you want to. For this piece I have, because the situation permitted it, but I type fast enough onscreen as well. Both will work.

The iPad is a device for both consuming and creating content. Anyone claiming otherwise just haven’t gotten it.

That’s right. Haven’t. Gotten. It.

However, the iPad is far from being as good as the computer alternatives when it comes to creation. Writing this is on par with my MacBook Air for sure, but publishing it? That forces me to use one of the lacking apps for blog publishing, and possibly the admin interface in Mobile Safari. Not ideal, just as editing longer texts isn’t ideal thanks to the awkvard “press the screen” moments. This is, incidentally, why there won’t be a touchscreen MacBook or iMac anytime soon, it just isn’t a pleasant way to work.

The iPad is great in so many ways. I look forward to the day when I can use it for just about anything but coding and heavy graphics work. Scratch that, I look forward to the day when I can use it as efficiantly as a MacBook for anything but coding and heavy graphics work.

Luckily, that day isn’t too far off. I can’t wait.

And yes, this was written on an iPad. Obviously.

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