The best thing about the new WordPress admin bar

One of the new features in WordPress 3.1 (out in RC3 now, help test it if you’re into that sort of thing) is the admin bar. If you’re a user you’ll no doubt recognize it.

Want to know what’s the best part with this new addition?

It cuts down on the amount tabs open in my web browser!

To me, it’s brilliant. I’ve got a couple of WordPress sites split over three installs, using multi-sites to power them. Most of them doesn’t need daily attention but some do. Logging in and out is annoying, and if I’m actually working on something for these sites I end up having the admin interfaces open, along with the sites themselves in case I need to check something out real quick. Add any tab open for research purposes and you’ve got quite a crowded web browser, and we all know what that means, right? Memory leaks, annoying loading balls, and a sluggish performance, assuming the browser just won’t crash on you.

The WordPress admin bar won’t remedy this altogether, but since everything is a lot more accessible I’ve already found that I’m cutting down on tabs open (yes, I’m running the RC). Lovely, just plain lovely.

Have you read <em>Haunted Futures</em> yet? cover

Have you read Haunted Futures yet?

I’ve got a story in the science fiction/near future anthology Haunted Futures, together with the likes of Warren Ellis and Tricia Sullivan. Check it out!