WordPress moves too fast for apps

One thing that my weekend using only my iPad reminded me of is how lacking the blogging apps are. Sure, the official WordPress app is starting to be useful and my newfound favorite Blogsy is just lovely. But both are behind, and so are desktop apps. I have yet to find an app, mobile or not, that lets me post to custom post types. As far as I know no apps support custom taxonomies, and they’ve been around for some time. Post formats are relatively new but a strong feature for blogging on the go, but again no app support.

This is a shame. As mobile devices in particular improve, I’d like to be able to update using them. This is only truly possible if I stay away from custom taxonomies, custom post types, and post formats. Or, in other words, if I stick to a pretty basic site built the way we did it before these CMS-like features came along.

That’s just not right, we have to do something about that. The natural first step would be to make the WordPress admin interface truly usable on smartphones and tablets. However, since mobile web browsers rarely support uploading images through the browser, apps are needed. And these are behind, so let’s do what we can to make them keep up better. I for one would pay for both desktop and mobile apps that featured all these things, but the choice isn’t there yet.

Will you be the one that makes it available? You’d be doing the community a favor, and possbly make some money as well.

Mobile is important for the future of WordPress, and it is yet another feature that can further set the platform apart. Let’s try not to forget about that, shall we?