The wonderful Mac App Store

Last night I finally switched my old hard drive in the MacBook Pro, to the new SSD from OCZ (the Vertex 3, 240 GB if you’re curious). The move is long overdue, but I haven’t had time up until now. And you know what, while my pretty pimped workstation was fast to begin with, adding an SSD drive has made it lightning fast. Of course, this being a fresh Snow Leopard install might help.

One thing the experience have taught me is how wonderful the Mac App Store is. I knew that already of course, but it truly shines when you’re on a new machine. While I can copy-paste most apps from my old hard drive to the new one (using a Deltaco encasing with USB that cost me about €9/$11), just getting them from the Purchased tab in the Mac App Store is so convenient.

In fact, it is so bloody nice that I’ve re-purchased a bunch of apps I already own licenses to, from the Mac App Store, just to get them there.

If all goes to plan, the home computer (a 27″ iMac) will arrive next week. Thanks to the wonders of Dropbox (aff link), syncing apps, and the Mac App Store, I don’t dread setting that up one bit. Well, except for the Windows BootCamp partition, but that’s an entirely different beast.