Let's Talk iPhone predictions

There are quite a lot of posts sporting predictions for tomorrow’s Let’s Talk iPhone event, where Apple once again will convince millions of people that iPhone is the way to go. I asked on Twitter whether I should write a predictions post, and most of you wanted me to, so I was all but ready to pull out the crystal ball and whatnot.

Then a friend of mine pointed out that he didn’t want any spoilers, which got me thinking. It’s not like I, or anyone else other than Apple, know exactly what will be announced on stage tomorrow but the buzz usually has some things right. My friend wanted the keynote to feel fresh, and I see what he means. It’s not really just about the products, Apple could announce them on their website and we’d still see AAPL rise as well as products sold by the millions. The keynotes are a show for tech people, the Apple lovers, and something that has been so thoroughly embedded into what we expect from the company. This is entertainment for design-aware nerds.

Apple rarely disappoints, and I doubt they will this time around. In fact, just add power to any of the products they’ll talk about, and show off iOS 5 in all its glory, and I’ll be satisfied. All I really want is to upgrade my iPhone 4, which is starting to get sluggish and plain worn out. Give me some more juice, and more storage, and I’ll be a happy monkey. I don’t need a “One More Thing” every time, keep those for the cool announcements, the ground breaking stuff like you’ve done in the past.

Predictions aren’t spoilers, because we have no way to know what we’re spoiling. They are, however, kind of lame since it is all just guesswork pilfered together from pundits who usually lets us down. The predictions game is really just about getting pageviews, and because we want to talk about our addiction to the Apple concept.

So I’ll skip the predictions this time around. Sorry about that, and sorry about the slightly misleading, but true, title of this post. That one was for the pageviews.

OK, fine, you’ll get one prediction. We’ll get a brand new iPod, the replacement for the iPod classic, and it’ll be the One More Thing announcement.