Indiegogo enables Apple Pay

Indiegogo is the first crowdfunding platform to implement Apple Pay, making it easier for you to fund projects on a whim.

We’re always looking for ways to help people find and fund what matters to them—in the simplest way possible. As the only crowdfunding partner to join the Apple Pay launch, we’ve made supporting campaigns and bringing dreams to life even easier. The single-touch payment feature also comes with an additional built-in security layer through Apple’s ‎Touch ID™ system, which encrypts and remotely stores credit card data. We take pride in our unprecedented trust and safety measures, which protect contributors and campaign owners, alike.

Our Apple Pay integration is the latest of recent Indiegogo product improvements, including the introduction of our iPhone app, which allows contributors to discover and support campaigns on the go, and provides campaign owners with mobile management tools.

Great news for crowdfunders all around, or at least the ones in the regions where Apple Pay is currently available. If you’re looking for something to sink your money into, Daily Crowdfunder picks one greatcampaign – from all platforms – every day and feature it.