Google needs to shape up on Apps

I’ve been a Google Apps user for quite some time now, and while I’m happy with the service and the fact that I can use it for free (should I want to), it is also a constant disappointment. Consider this: You choose to pay to use Google Apps, live in your own branded version of Gmail, Docs, and so on. Then Google updates Gmail for their users, add a feature or whatever.

And what about you? You’re left with the same old service you had yesterday. Weeks (or months) later you’ll get the update.

Gmail and email through Google Apps is basically the same thing, so why can’t Google let me choose if I want the update right away as an Apps user? Why am I left out in the cold, a version behind for weeks and months every time Google updates their services?

Sure, there are security aspects to consider. Gmail is, in a way, an ongoing beta test for the email feature in Google Apps, but why can’t I decide if I want to be cutting edge or not?

I’m a happy Apps user, but this treatment is an ongoing disappointment.