We all resonate with different things. That makes some things work better for us than others, no matter if the difference between the options are large or small.

Take fitness trackers, which are all doing the same thing. Sure, some measure your pulse, others are great as vibrating alarm clocks, and the apps where all your data is displayed is more or less useful, but in the end they’re all essentially the same. Different design, same type of thing. I can vouch for that, because I’ve tried most of the leading brands, and some of the off-brands as well.

So why is it then, that one fitness tracker might work for a person, where another doesn’t?

It’s because the person resonates with the thing. I’m gonna call it “thing”, because it’s not a product in this sense. It’s a product for the manufacturer, and the retailer, but for you, when you’re using it – it’s a thing.

For me, Apple Watch resonates, even compared to the fitness trackers I sometimes wear. Right now, my Apple Watch is on my left wrist (where it’s been, except during the night, since just after the US launch), and Jawbone’s UP3 is on the right. I’m testing fitness trackers for a Swedish publication, and I’ve gone through four of them already. None of them resonates as the Apple Watch does, despite offering more or less the same experience when it comes to being a fitness tracker, sometimes more. Why is that?

I resonate with the Apple Watch, and the way it portrays and conveys my goals, as well as how I do on my way to them. It’s helpful in a way that works for me, it prods me on, and the interaction feels useful. I imagine this is the reason Apple Watch works for others as well.

Jawbone also does all of that really well, with the smart coach feature, and yet that doesn’t resonate as much.

All this is about what feels right for me. You might prefer something else in the world of fitness trackers. Or in sweaters for that matter. There are a lot of different sweaters out there that do more or less the same thing. I’m sure you’ll resonate more with some, than you do with others. It’s true with everything and anything, this isn’t a technical thing at all.

In the end, it’s all about what feels right to you.

I urge you to read Jim Dalrymple’s Watch review, and his piece on losing over 40 pounds using the Watch. Clearly the Apple Watch resonates with Jim, as it does with me. The big question is, what resonates with you?

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