My hopes and dreams for the Apple tablet

I’ll confess, at first I wasn’t particularly thrilled about an Apple tablet. Oven the months that have changed, along with the way my workflow have done the same. Today I don’t even want to imagine a day without the iPhone, in fact I’ve got two, not for the eventuality of one breaking down really but for other things. No matter what, it makes me a bit more calm.

You see, I write somewhere between 20 and 50 emails a day from my iPhone, I tweet and connect on Facebook, I read up on news and I entertain myself. It is a brilliant multi-purpose device that saves me time, something that is really valuable to me.

Realizing that, I would be a fool not to be the least curious, nay, thrilled about the prospect of an Apple tablet.

There are a ton of more or less likely predictions out there. Some I truly believe, like the fact that this will be a kick in the Amazon Kindle’s nuts because Steve Jobs wants to rule the media industry and newspapers, books and magazines would look and work great on a nice touchscreen interface. I also think that it is a no-brainer that the tablet will play games, and the success of the iPhone means that the developers are onboard. Jus don’t expect it to be a game changer just right now, it’ll most likely cost more than two PlayStation 3s and that means that the install base for gaming will be a lot smaller than for iPhone and iPod touch. That being said, obviously it’ll run games and it will do it good.

Moving on, I do believe we’ll get cameras so that we can Skype, and this thing without 3G would be a crime. Most likely we’ll also get some sort of iLife package with great multitouch support, and everything we got in our iPhones, only more Macish.

All that is pretty uncontroversial stuff. You’ve heard it before. I want all that.

Now here is what I really hope for, but really can’t believe will happen. Still, one can dream right?

I want the tablet to be no bigger than 11″, hopefully smaller so that it will be really portable. I want it to have an onscreen keyboard, obviously, but also support Bluetooth keyboards. Maybe that is one off the reasons Apple made the wireless keyboard so small, for portability? Hardly, but it is an encouraging albeit unlikely thought for my reasoning. Anyway, the tablet needs a stand so that I can put it on a table, in both landscape and portrait mode.

Now here’s the killer: I want the tablet to replace the MacBook Air!

“What? Why? And don’t you love your Air?!”

I most certainly do, but I would love a stronger oversized iPhone with multitasking, decent image editing, video viewing, hyper portable Mac with an optional keyboard even more! I don’t care if the tablet is priced as an Air, or worse – that I would buy. As a writer, that Is the ideal machine to take on the road and to use at home. I could set it up on the living room table, lie down on the couch and type away on my wireless keyboard, now wouldn’t that be grand? It would for me at least.

Here’s hoping my dream will come through, however unlikely. Until then I’ll have to make do with a jailbroken iPhone, the BTstack Keyboard driver, and the Gorillapod to top it off. But it just isn’t quite enough.

Please Apple? Pretty please?

Footnote 1: First image swiped from CrunchGear’s unicorn post, and the second from Gizmodo’s post on Apple Bashful, which I would’ve loved by the way…

Footnote 2: I wrote this whole thing in WriteRoom on my iPhone. That might tell you how much I’d love an Apple tablet geared toward me as a writer…

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