Look for the second edition of Smashing WordPress: Beyond the Blog in April

Today I delivered the last part of the manuscript for the second edition of Smashing WordPress: Beyond the Blog. The first edition, which came out in late January last year, have sold well (we’re talking tens of thousand books here) and my publisher (Wiley) are obviously happy with it.

The second edition, which should be able for pre-order from Amazon and other fine online retailers, is due in April this year. It is fully updated for WordPress 3.1, with lots of new examples, concepts and whatnot. I’m pretty happy with it actually, and I believe you will be too. While time and space was limited, I do feel that it adds a lot of value, hopefully enough for fans of the first edition to want to pick up the second edition. At least that’s how I’ve written it, and I hope you’ll agree that it merits a second buy.

There will be both a print version (paperback), and a Kindle version of Smashing WordPress: Beyond the Blog, 2nd Edition. It’s in full color, I’ll get back to you on the pagecount when I’ve got it, but I’d reckon that it is at least as thick as Smashing WordPress Themes (which is 368 pages by the way, and also in full color).

So there you have it. I’m really excited about Smashing WordPress: Beyond the Blog, 2nd Edition and I’ve worked hard to get it out as early as April. Expect more as soon as it nears release, of course.

Have you read <em>Haunted Futures</em> yet? cover

Have you read Haunted Futures yet?

I’ve got a story in the science fiction/near future anthology Haunted Futures, together with the likes of Warren Ellis and Tricia Sullivan. Check it out!