I promise to behave

The web is a dirty place. People are assholes and behave as such. They are in real life too, but few dare to feed their inner asshole when you’re face to face. Common decency along with fear of getting your ass kicked does that. It is a good thing, because people are also idiots.

That’s why I promise to behave. Actually, I’ll promise a bunch of things.

I promise to

  • not lash out under the guise of anonymity
  • communicate with whoever I’m pissed off at first and foremost
  • leave people out of the story unless they actually add to it
  • be an honest asshole

How about you? Are you behaving the way you should online? Are you giving people an unnecessarily hard time when they deserve better? Do you stop to think about people’s feelings and what you’re attacking? Are you being the kind of person you hate when you’re the target? Do you bully online?

You can be an asshole, that’s alright because there is
such a thing as a beloved asshole. Just be an honest one, OK?