Kevin Rose demos Square, a sign of things to come

It’s about time anyone can charge a credit card, and while I’m not so sure if this albeit cool little iPhone accessory is the solution, it is surely a sign of things to come. After all, cash isn’t kind anymore, it is dirty and full of diseases, as well as a way to bypass taxes and do work outside of the prying eyes of the government. The only real concern really is that this will also work for muggers, which means that I don’t even have to be tricked to an ATM machine to extract the cash they want, they can just make me pay by credit card…! Then again, that leaves a trail easily followed, so it should be manageable.

Check out Kevin Rose’s demo of Square in the video below.

Really cool, as I said, but I think stand-alone devices doing this will be a bigger player in the personal charge by credit card field.

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Have you read Haunted Futures yet?

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