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I write short journal entries about everything and nothing, unedited and raw. They're collected here.

I keep writing 2019, still. Named a file like that, spent five minutes wondering what I’d done with it, and then realized my mistake. That’s what you get for staying out late with friends.

Sleep is important. I slept last night, and the night before, thus I’m slightly more energized today. Well, aside from the fact that there was a drink or three with friends last night, but hey, that’s important too!

Wrapped a freelance gig the other week, and today I’m trying to finish another one of those before heading off to do a workshop with a client. It’s a piece for a Swedish tech publication, so nothing most of y’all will see or read. Money’s okay, but more importantly, I hope it’ll make me want to write for myself again. That’s not really happening at the moment. Maybe the new site will help, which is – again – on the backburner since it’s just too damn much going on at the moment.

Ah well. Onwards, right?

The first workweek of the year is coming to an end, and I’m happy it was a short one. So many things to take care off, more than usual at the beginning of the year, but I think most of it, if not all, is in place now. That’s something at least.

I’m almost ready to launch my redesigned site. It might go live this weekend. No promises.

In other news, I bought a new bag since I’m now carrying a computer again. More on that, and other setup changes, later.

Admin day to start off Divide & Conquer’s 2020. It was numbers hell, and I’m beat.

Sent a feature piece to a Swedish tech publisher. It’s been a while I took that sort of freelance gig, not since I did that weekly column for Di Digital. Hopefully they like the piece. I have another one that needs to be wrapped in just over a week, so I’ll start planning that tomorrow. Hitting deadlines is important, as all freelance writers know, so I intend to do that.

It’s late afternoon here. I might sit down and work some more on the new site design. It’s getting there, unless I throw it out – I actually ended up working on it for a couple of hours yesterday, despite my sleep-deprived state. We’ll see what happens.

Well, three hours of sleep just doesn’t cut it. Not sure what I’ll make of this day, if anything at all. Sleeping during the day never was my thing, so I might just vegetate in front of the TV or something. We’ll see. See you tomorrow, world.

So I’m pretty close to flip the switch for the new design. It’s the first redesign in quite some time, and although I believe it’ll be subject to quite a few changes during its lifetime, it does mark a much needed fresh start. For this, for me, for a lot of things.

When? Probably this weekend, unless I decide it all sucks and redo the whole bloody thing. You know how it goes…

It’s International Write All the Dates Wrong Day Week Month, and I hope you’re suitably hungover as a result of merriments yesterday, which was International Kill the Fucking Year Already Day. Someone should really figure out some better names for these oh so very special days.

So it’s 2020 and I’ve yet to do anything productive with it, or decide what that should be when I finally haul my fuzzy mind out of the sleep-deprived state it currently resides in. When I do, y’all be the first to know. For now, leftovers I guess?

Drink all the 10s!

Despite my best intentions, I managed to pick up the new MacBook Pro, the 16″ one. Readers of my newsletter knows that my previous MacBook bought the farm, and I hadn’t planned on replacing it. Alas, things happened, and I found myself in need of a proper Mac again. So I’m typing this on the brand new MacBook, with its brand new old school “Magic Keyboard”. And it’s good, the best Mac I’ve ever had, but that’s always true when I pick up a new model.