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I write short journal entries about everything and nothing, unedited and raw. They're collected here.

Very tired today, so I’ve been taking it easy. Haven’t even opened that dreaded/anticipated email from my Project Lynn editor yet. I think it’ll have to sit until tomorrow, because I need the rest, and the feeling of no obligations. A bourbon and some Elder Scrolls Online it is, then.

It’s a bleak day in Stockholm, just barely raining. Paazu hates it, although he did enjoy the morning walk. Shibas are cat-like, and that goes for water as well, until they forget about it and have fun instead. Other than the walk, I’ve spent the morning reading, and thinking. It’s going to be a slow weekend, and I expect to do more of both, as well as revisit Elder Scrolls Online later this afternoon. Hopefully this’ll leave me energized for next week, because this one was tough on me.

And yes, I‘m going to read that email from my Project Lynn editor too, as mentioned in the latest edition of my newsletter. I’m saving that for tomorrow though. Today is all about rest.

It’s Friday, but in the most possible Monday way, to quote Anders when I stepped into the studio this morning. Emma is back from her bout with fever, but I think we all desperately need a break. Good thing the weekend’s coming up, then. I think I’ll reintroduce myself to Elder Scrolls Online (I’m playing on PC, if you want in), and hang out with Paazu and Malin. Chill enough for you?

I run two newsletters. One is my personal one, which I hope you’re subscribing to if you enjoy these journal entries. It’s in English and very irregular. I’ve got an issue queued up though, if you’re interested. The other newsletter is in Swedish, and all about WordPress. It’s called WPSE, and today I’m sending the 79th issue.

WPSE is a weekly newsletter, and barring the occasional break over holidays and a sick day or two, it’s been chugging along steadily. There’s something to the narrative that a weekly newsletter builds up. I like it, it’s nice to know I’m sending a missive to hundreds of people each week, a majority will read at least some of it, and that’s a connection we have, those readers and I. It’s not that far from what blogs used to be, which – of course – is why we’ve seen such a resurgence in personal newsletters these days. Not that blogs are dead, that’s utter nonsense, but social media has messed up people’s idea of what goes where. Social media has, in many ways, become not only asocial, but impersonal, whereas a newsletter is almost as personal as a dedicated email. And email is of course the ultimate social network, thus we’ve come full circle.

We’re doing something really cool at Divide & Conquer, I can’t wait to show you. The project, or projects really, took a big step forward last night, so we’re getting there. Now we all just have to stay healthy, which isn’t going so well because it’s apparently Emma’s turn to be down with a fever. We’re not alone, suffering from flus and the like, all of Stockholm seems to be hit pretty hard this winter.

Very much related: Ginger tea.

Stay healthy out there.

All the snow that’s been blanketing Stockholm, and screwing with everybody’s inner city travel plans, is now turning into a brown and gray slush. It’s the worst part of winter, this muddy existence, and it would be the main reason for me to go live somewhere else during these dark months. The whole city looks sick to me, like it’s having a nasty cold, which is fitting since that’s the flavor of the month thus far.

I published an old short story last night, because someone asked me to on Twitter. While looking for the story, I found a handful of others that might interest some of you. I think I’ll put one in the next issue of my newsletter – how’s that for an incentive to subscribe, or quite possibly cancel your subscription if That Thing gave you nightmares?

I’ve been productive this morning, which is the first time in over a week I can claim such a thing. There are a lot of tangles to unravel after being sick for such an extended period of time, including – obviously – quite a few emails to answer. I’m happy to have such a great team at Divide & Conquer, stepping in for the urgent stuff during the past week, while doing their own work on top of that. I think that exemplifies a good workplace: You help each other out when needed. That is something we’ll have to do this February, it’s quite packed with work, especially the coming weeks. I’m not worried, assuming we get to be healthy.

Speaking of which, I’m not entirely well just yet. Going to take it somewhat easy today, probably working from home, I haven’t decided yet. Health above all else, right?

Okay, enough of this. Bring it, Monday!

Yesterday did a number on me, there’s no other way to put it. I couldn’t sleep, just so many thoughts and things to consider. In the end, I managed to immense myself in reading, and that’s what I did until sleep claimed me in the early hours. It’s hard to find balance in life sometimes, and now clearly is such a time. Thinking things over, and trying to remember – or perhaps figure out – what’s important is the only way forward, if you don’t want to be caught in dark thoughts. I foresee tough decisions ahead.

What a week. It hasn’t been kind to me, not one bit. I want a do-over, a refund, another chance at this. But hey, I finished this mammoth of a book, so there’s that.

It’s muddy and wet outside, slushed brown snow on the streets. I do not look forward to going for a walk with Paazu, but that I must since we have a bit of a logistic situation this weekend. The timing couldn’t have been worse, because I’m not nearly well enough to give him a proper walk. Shibas need exercise, and in my current condition a shower is taxing. Not much to do about it, and at least I’ll get some fresh air. Maybe that can help beat away this infernal cough.

I’m struggling to stay positive at the moment. It’s dangerous thing, that.

Well, my fever finally broke, so there’s that. Now, if all the other rubbish this illness is doing to me would sod off, I’d be a lot happier. Anyway, it’s a step in the right direction. At least my mind is susceptible to something resembling a string of thoughts now, which means I can at least read, headache permitting of course.

It could be worse, I could be outside. It’s snowing horisontally in Stockholm today. Come to think of it, I might prefer that, since I haven’t left my apartment in a week. Patience, it’s a virtue, right?