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I write short journal entries about everything and nothing, unedited and raw. They're collected here.

Woke up to the news that WordPress 5.0, with its new editor Gutenberg (test it here), will launch on Thursday. WordPress is the world’s most widely used publishing platform (CMS if you will), and it’s great in many ways. Right now, the controversy around the 5.0 release is overshadowing all of that.

The Divide & Conquer team is spending the day getting our clients ready for 5.0. It’s not what I’d like to do, in the middle of my move and everything, but that’s how it is. If you have clients running WordPress, I suggest you install and activate the Classic Editor plugin, and then decide how to proceed, if you haven’t already. Good luck.

So let’s assume you run a service for administration, invoicing, and accounting. Let’s also assume that your users, being businesses and whatnot, would like to be able to do their accounting when a month has just ended. Let’s also assume they would like to be able to get paid, by means of invoices for time spent the prior month. Would you, in this position with said service, transition to new servers, and risk the whole system, at this peak time? No, you wouldn’t. Visma would, thus making it nigh impossible to wrap up last month’s accounting, and send invoices.

Welcome to my Monday. It kinda sucks, for once.

I’m packing up the apartment, at least as much as I can since I’m going to be staying here for a few more days. The move is on Wednesday, and I’m looking forward to it.

Besides packing, I’ve got a lot of various tasks to wrap up today. Business as usual for Sunday afternoons then. I like Sundays that way, it’s for catching up, or spending time on things that you can’t prioritize during the week. And reading, so much reading.

Enjoy your Sunday. Monday will come soon enough, hopefully.

Got into bed early this morning, after a night of spontaneous partying. Suffice to say, this has been a slow day. I’ve managed to check off some chores though, so there’s that.

I finally lifted the veil for one of my October projects yesterday, talking with a select few about sponsorships. It’s one of my Swedish projects, involving a lot of words, as it were. Ya’ll will have to wait a little longer though, until Thursday next week most likely. It’s good to get this ball rolling though, one of several that should get announced, or at the very least put in motion, before the end of the year.

I might drop a hint or two in my newsletter. Just sayin’.

Have a great Friday!

It finally hit me yesterday that I’m moving in a week’s time. I’ve been transferring money to prepare for the necessary transactions, and have planned the packing of the things in my current, semi-furnished, apartment. It’s not that much to pack up, but it still has to be done. I bet I’m going to hate it.

Wednesday next week is moving day. I’m excited about it.

I’ve been working in Sketch this week, doing some light design work for a client. While I can’t claim to be extremely proficient in this particular app, design principles are universal, and I get things done quickly because it’s something I’ve done for so long. But you know what, it isn’t fun. Doing similar work on my iPad Pro is fun, but it takes longer because the interface paradigm is different. The end result is comparable however, which means that I’ll switch from Sketch completely by the end of the year. I’m looking forward to removing the shackles of traditional computers from yet another aspect of my professional life.

I got a nice notification from Todoist, my todo app of choice, at 4:18pm yesterday. It declared that I had reached my weekly quota of cleared tasks. Yeah, I was on fire yesterday, enjoying the post-illness pileup of things to do. Looking at the 25 todos I have today, it feels less exciting. Manageable, but a bit much for a day. I often get one day of pure flow after a period of downtime, or whatever it might be, but then it’s back to normal, and taking it one thing at a time. Starting now, so good morning to you all.

That’s 24 things left, thank you very much.

This week certainly started with a bang. I’m glad I’ve got Huel in the office, because there was certainly no time to go out and grab lunch. It’s 4pm, and the flow of things to do, and fires to put out, isn’t exactly slowing. Insert whatever joke about Mondays you like here, but I’m sort of enjoying it right now. That’ll change if this runs over to tomorrow, but for now: Full speed ahead!

It’s getting cold in Stockholm, crisp and quite pleasant in the sun, but there’s precious little of that. It’ll get worse, by which I mean colder, next week. I’m not entirely prepared for this, but when the things from the house arrive in just over a week’s time, I will be. It’ll be additional layers upon layers until then.

I’m spending the day catching up from yesterday, without doing too much. Oh, and subjecting myself to a sugar overdose, because why not?