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I write short journal entries about everything and nothing, unedited and raw. They're collected here.

Sundays have a tendency of becoming admin days, and that is the case today as well. Tons of small things, some business-related and others being just tasks I’ve put off for too long, that’s what I’ve got planned for today. I find ticking off such things from my todo list strangely satisfying, so I’m looking forward to getting started. But first, more coffee and reading.

Enjoy your Sunday. Monday’ll be here sooner than you think.

All the chairs in the semi-furnished apartment I’m renting are in faux leather. They’re not exactly uncomfortable, nor do they look hideous, although I wouldn’t choose any of these designs. The problem is the heat, because it’s a sticky hot day in Stockholm, with a thunderstorm on the way I’d wager, and sitting down on any of these chairs just isn’t happening. What have we learned then? If you want to be a writer, which involves quite a bit of butt-meets-chair, don’t get faux leather ones.

Enjoy your Saturday. I’m starting mine rested and hot.

Yesterday was fun. We had a photoshoot day at the new business, which I’ll talk about later, and obviously that ended in drinks with ensuing shenanigans.

I also closed most of the outstanding negotiations regarding the Big Bad Thing. There are only petty details left. Contracts have been signed, and although there are gag clauses, at least I’ll be able to talk about what’s next, and so forth. More on that later, possibly as early as next week, depending. All in all, good times, which is somewhat surprising since I’m running on a mere two hours of sleep right now.

‘Nuff said.

I’m not going to mention the weather.

The new business (yes, there’s one obviously) is coming along nicely. It’ll be fun to announce this thing properly in a couple of weeks or so. The business is already rolling though, because running starts are always a good thing. So that’s what I’m doing in the bloody heatwave. Damn, I mentioned the weather!

They say that we’re breaking temperature records in Sweden right now. I can definitely believe this, because damn, it’s hot. We’re having a hard time concentrating in the studio, but at least it’s good company.

It’s another scorcher of a day in Stockholm, so hot it’s hard to concentrate. At least it’s easy to remember to drink water, so there’s that. Yeah, I’m doing my best to stay positive.

Saw the World Cup finals yesterday at a French bistro that I like. They were so happy after France won, and it only got slightly out of hand at the ensuing celebrations. Great fun!

I only drink coffee at home during weekends, which is why I can take my time brewing it with my Chemex. Doing that every morning, with a schedule to adhere to, just isn’t an option for me. It also means that mornings during the weekend take a slightly ritualistic turn, with the coffee grinding, boiling of water, preparation of filter and Chemex, and so forth. It’s almost meditative. I like it. I believe it’s good to have small things like that in your life.

Enjoy your Sunday. I’ll do my best not to melt. Bloody heatwave…

It’s scorching hot in Stockholm, so I’m holed up in my apartment, doing my best to keep it – and me – cool. No parties to go to, just me, iced coffee, nice music, and possibly a smoke in the window. I might get bored, I might just enjoy the solitude. As long as I don’t have to be out in the sun, I’m good.

Things are slowly falling into place. Sometimes, when you hit an obstacle, you just have to hit it a little harder. Which I did, and now things are moving forward again. So much energy wasted.

It’s Friday the 13th, so let’s make some big decisions today!