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I write short journal entries about everything and nothing, unedited and raw. They're collected here.

War averted, everything sorted. It’s pitiful that I had to step in and be forceful about it, but that’s how it is with some people. This closes that whole mess, which means that I, and other parties involved, can move ahead. Be careful with who you do business with, kids.

Saturday’s newspaper is on my table. I’m pushing it away, no time for that now. Things have been busy since I got home from Spain, and they’re not slowing down just yet. This morning is a bit of breather though, so I’m sitting down to get some writing done.

“Revisions, always fun,” he said sarcastically.

Then he cut “sarcastically”, because no, that’s not how you do it.

I’ll get started proper as soon as the tea stops fogging my glasses. Yes, that’s how tired I am.

It’s another hectic workday here. A thousand small things, and some writing, is what I have on my todo list. It’s getting there, all of it, but when you have a lot to do and you’re spread thing, it’s easy to forget that you’re actually moving forward. You know the feeling: You feel like you got nothing done at the end of the workday. That’s rarely the case, it’s just a matter of what sort of work, and what results, you value in your mind. At least that’s what I’m going to remind myself of when this day is over.

I know you all just want to read about the war. Well, it’s postponed, because some rattling of weapons was enough to change the situation. We’ll see where we are come Friday.

Divide & Conquer launched the new Bonniers Konsthall website today. That’s worth a glass of the bubbly stuff, I think.

Sunday mornings are usually dedicated to reading for me. Not so today. Instead, I informed relevant parties about what’s going to happen tomorrow, when shit hits the fan proper. It was a short call. As opposed to other vague things I write about, I – unfortunately – expect to be fully open about this come sometime tomorrow. It’s a sordid affair that hopefully will be over soon.

The weather is dreadful, rain and snow. Fitting. It’s just as well that I’ll work all afternoon. Not my average Sunday, this. It can only get better.

I just went with it last night. From a few drinks in the office, to dinner, to bar-hopping with strangers. All in good fun, but it has twisted my day somewhat. I managed to drink fancy wine with Jesper this afternoon though, before heading home to fiddle with nothing in particular.

Shit finally hit the fan, and I’m declaring war on Monday. You’ll hear all about it, and the people responsible for being inconsiderate assholes, unless things are magically resolved over the weekend. I sincerely doubt that. This might very well end up in court. Such fun.

I’m going to wrap up my slow Saturday with a movie, I think. Or maybe I’ll play something. We’ll see. I won’t be thinking about what’s coming, and the hardships it’ll bring. That’ll be here soon enough. Enjoy your evening, and remember to wear something green, because people have already started the celebrations.

Stockholm is bleak and dreary, especially compared to yesterday’s sunny Spain. I wonder if that’s why I have a headache this morning? At least we have an interesting meeting lined up, and after that it’ll be sending this week’s issue of WPSE. So far so good, but the paperwork that’s been waiting for me since last week will be less fun, no doubt.

Alright, let’s do this. Where are my pants?

I found a place called Gin Corner in Malaga, and obviously I had to try it. The bartender didn’t know much English, I know little to no Spanish, but we got by with an unholy mix of the two, sprinkled with some French here and there. Gin & Tonic was their drink of choice, so I had two with gins I hadn’t tried before, and sat in silence. It was nice.

I stayed at Soho Bahía Málaga, a simple boutique hotel. The hotel itself wasn’t anything in particular, but the staff was extremely friendly and helpful. I’d recommend it for that.

Heading home today, I’m writing this from Malaga airport. It’s a horrible place, one of the worst airport of this size I’ve been to.

I’m packing up my room to get ready for my transfer to Malaga. Granada’s been nice, and it was a treat to hang out with Tim and Salomé (and their Egyptian goddesses reincarnated as cats).

This city, Granada, has a charm that I didn’t quite get the last time around. This time, I feel like staying, not just to hang out and have fun on vacation, but actually staying. That rarely happens, most places are fine to visit but that’s about it. The fact that there are mountains with snow, for actual downhill winter sports, is intriguing as well. It’s a peculiar place, this. I’ll have to think about it some more.

Greetings from sunny Spain, Grenada to be precise, where I’m hanging out with my good friends Tim and Salomé of Ghostwoods Books fame. I’m typing this (and a lot of other things) from my private terrace. The Catalonia Granada hotel clearly felt I needed an upgrade, so I’ve got a lovely corner superior room with a sitting area on the terrace. And a bed, because you need that when you’re outside. Obviously.