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I write short journal entries about everything and nothing, unedited and raw. They're collected here.

Something feels off today. It’s a feeling I get sometimes, I bet most people do, and it’s really hard to shake. It’s gnawing on me, I have to bite back snappy retorts, and I’m easily annoyed. Not the best team player at the moment. Or maybe I am, because obviously I try to quench this nonsense. I wish I had my headphones so that I could hide in the noise-cancellation world. Alas, I’ll just have to suck it up, and behave like a normal human being. Just like the rest of the world should be doing. Not that they do, if you judge humanity’s merits based on the current news cycle, but hey – we can do better. Right?

More rock photos today, and a thousand small things that I need to handle. Feeling pretty energized, which hopefully will stay with me until this evening. I’ve got some writing to do, you see.

Have a great week, and remember: Monday is just a name of a day. If it’s horrible, that’s all on you.

A slow morning turned into afternoon. I’m spending the coming hours taking photos of rocks (yes, rocks, but also sand and dirt) in the studio. It’s about what I have in me today, I think, and as close to resting as I’m going to get in my current state of mind.

I hadn’t planned on picking up a new phone, but here I am with a shiny iPhone Xs Max (setup update is lagging behind, sorry). As usual, it’s a better handheld computer, and camera, than the previous model. I went with the larger screen because of my downsizing (pun sort of intended) in lieu of selling the house, because I have this idea that I can replace my Kindle Oasis. We’ll see if that’ll actually happen. The reading (and writing) experience on this large OLED screen is amazing thus far. I’m pretty sure that’ll mean more links for you in my Twitter feed, which you either like or hate.

New iPhone aside, I’ve got a lot of writing planned for this weekend. Looking forward to it!

Photo shoot day, featuring rocks of various sizes. Expect behind the scenes stuff on the Divide & Conquer Instagram, and possibly something on my private one too.

The first part of the Stiel story is now available on Wattpad. Not sure what to make of the platform yet, I’m just playing around for now.

We hosted an art-themed release party for the (Swedish) Divide & Conquer website yesterday. It was fun, and we’re tired today, rightly so. I wish I had a photo, but I don’t. I do have a re-decorated studio though, so there’s that.

I’ve got a thing on Wattpad, if you’re into swords and sorcery.

Can’t believe it’s Friday tomorrow. This week flew by.

Today is launch day for the Divide & Conquer website. We’re hosting a small event for our closest friends, and clients. I’ll see some of you there, the rest of you, raise a glass for us, will you?

Something last night gave me the worst tinnitus I’ve had in a long time. It ruined my night’s sleep, and I’m all but deaf on my right ear at the moment. Not pleasant, not at all.

I’ll have to console myself with the fun stuff that’s been landing in the inbox the past 24 hours or so. More on that later, hopefully. For now, I’ll just take it easy, and get some writing done.

Monday. It comes every week. I like it, weekends used to be my friend, but no longer. This week will be challenging, with an event on Wednesday that’ll be tough. Fun, though.

And I’m writing again. There’s that.

You’ll be as shocked as I am to hear that I wrote something last night, some 2,700 words actually. It was the last piece of the puzzle known as the Swedish translation of my novella, Ashen Sky. Deadline for the translation is long past, so we’ll see what happens with it now, but at least the manuscript is done. What’s left is, as always, an edit pass, then I’ll shop it around.

It felt really good to get back to writing. As regular readers know (and there are mostly regular readers here, 👋), I’ve been struggling the last couple of months. Not much has changed, not really, except the fact that I sat down and actually wrote something. I’ll do the same today. Maybe you should too?