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I write short journal entries about everything and nothing, unedited and raw. They're collected here.

Everyone’s sniffling in the studio, or rather in their respective Sniffle Spaces (i.e. at home). I’m no different, although I think I’m on the mend. Spirits aren’t exactly flying high though, which either makes it the perfect time to tackle admin bullshit, or a truly disastrous one. We’ll see, I guess.

Swedes, keep an eye on the site for my upcoming WordPress book, Webbpublicering med WordPress 5.0. It’ll get updated from the landing page that’s up there now, to the first iteration of the proper site. I hope you’ll like it. Be sure to give the sponsors some love too, they’re awesome. Related: The cover reveal (also in Swedish, sorry).

On that note, I’ll tackle the day, hard and low, the way you should.

Battling a cold, the merits of public transportation. It’s a good day to test working from the new apartment, which I think I’m enjoying thus far.

A few quick ones: Got a haircut (which no doubt will end up on my Instagramsoonish), talked retro gaming. Test prints for books arrived yesterday, intriguing. Decided on what record player to get (well, that was the other day – I forgot). Sold a couple of games and gadgets, putting more up for sale today. New sponsor for, nice. Bought glögg and lussekatter.

Enjoy your day. I hope it’ll be productive, wherever you are.

Public transportation is a cesspool, and the buses in Stockholm is no different. I rarely use them, but that has changed now that I’ve moved. I’m taking the bus to work every morning, experiencing traffic jams and the like because Stockholm is more broken than usual at the moment. And yes, I think I’ve caught a cold as a result of this. Lovely.

Moving means cleaning out stuff, and I’ve got a lot. A few things from the box I’m unpacking now: PocketCHIP, a couple of Raspberry Pis, a Razer Ripsaw video capture card, the Nomad Pod for Apple Watch, Twelve South’s HiRise, an audio Chromecast, ParcSlope, a devkit for Automat, and a couple of keyboards. My goal is to sell most of this, or give it away to friends and family. It’ll end up being a tech yard sale, I bet…

I’m exhausted today. It’s been a busy weekend, spent settling in at the new place. It’s starting to feel like home. I’m trudging through the day today, we’re all tired, and looking forward to the holidays, I think. It’ll be nice with a break.

Have a nice Monday, and try not to fall asleep until this evening. That’s my goal for the day at least. Very reasonable, don’t you think?

I’m sitting at my table in the new apartment, having finished a reading session on the couch. My coffee’s beside me, I’ve got a window to my right, and if I lift my gaze from the iPad screen, I see a bookshelf carrying my favorite books, as well as a lot of vinyl records. There’s music coming out of my, for this room, oversized speakers, only somewhat tarnished by the fact that I’m playing from Apple Music rather than spinning a record – the movers trashed my beloved Dual CS-5000 so I’m down a record player at the moment.

Things could be worse, this dreary Sunday morning. Have a good one, folks.

I’m starting to get used to waking up in the new apartment. It already feels like home, and even more so with a mug of coffee, listening to Johnny Cash, and trying to figure out what to do with the day. Well, other than playing with the Punkt MP02, which arrived yesterday. I really liked the previous model, so this is a treat.

The apartment’s getting there, it’ll be nice when everything’s in its designated place. That’s the goal for this weekend, alongside some writing. I want everything to have its place, it’s important to me. Finding a place is a great way to question your stuff, getting rid of the things you don’t need. I’ve got plenty of those…

I’m clearly getting old, my body’s aching from the move. But hey, I guess I saved in on the gym at least!

Oh, WordPress 5.0 is out. And oh, Swedes will get a book about WordPress soon, written by yours truly.

That’s all. Enjoy your Friday. ☮️

My arms are longer, and my body aches all the way down to my toes, but it’s now finally done: I have moved into my new apartment in Stockholm! I’m really happy about this, which should surprise exactly no one. It’s a mess, I lack things you need for your everyday life, but it’s nice nonetheless.

Less nice was the mangled vintage turntable, and possibly damaged receiver. The moving company has a lot to answer for regarding this, and it’ll surely eat away from their profit on this venture. Annoying, but I won’t let it dampen my spirits.

Today is moving day! I hate moving, but I’m happy to report that I now own an apartment, so at least I have somewhere to live. Now to carry boxes, abuse friendships, and – in due time – soothe muscles with pizza and beer.