It’s 10am, I’m on my second cup of coffee, and two day’s worth of Sweden’s largest newspaper has been put in the recycling bin. I don’t get news from printed paper, but I like to read cultural commentary, book reviews, and the like, while getting filthy newspaper ink on my fingers. At least I used to, more often than not I’ve come to just note that there’s a piece I’d like to read, and just open up the subscriber app to read or bookmark it there. It’s a shitty app, but it is decent for reading, with the type settings I like. Maybe my eyes are getting old, but since I have near-perfect vision, I think it’s because I’ve grown accustomed to a better reading experience. Why squint when you can be relaxed?

I think it’s time to lay the printed newspaper to rest. It’s not like it can keep up with the news cycle, and feature pieces – which is its only remaining strength, outside of having an actual editorial staff – work on all platforms. So print a magazine if you will, a readable one, once a week, but give your subscribers subsidized iPads. Their eyes will thank you.

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