I’ve been taking a lot of photos the past couple of months. A nice camera does that, although I can’t applaud the quality you can get out of an iPhone X enough. That old saying that the camera you’ve got with you is the best one is true, which is why I bought a small mirrorless thing that can go in my bag. Expect more words on that in a proper piece in the future.

Anyway, lots of snapped photos, and no time to sort nor edit properly, except the ones I know I need right away. Most of those are either client work (yeah, I’m shooting for monies again), or photos for the upcoming Divide & Conquer website. I haven’t had time to go exploring the city, looking for nice shots, which I know people enjoy. That’s not how I shoot, I can’t look for something to take a photo of, but I’ll know what it is when I see it. Something like that.

Oh, and I hate Lightroom CC with all my heart. That is all.

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