Being away for a week, albeit while handling some emergency work and regular correspondence, certainly gives you a hefty todo list when you get back. With that in mind, it feels like a stroke of genius to do some early morning laundry, because that means that I’ve been checking of todos since 7am. I’ll surely regret this later in the day, but getting a head start on a day like this isn’t without its merits.

I used to do get up early, make coffee, and hammer out 2,000 words on whatever project I was working on, but last year’s back and forth to Stockholm, from the house I had down south, killed that proper. That, and the stress attached to that whole situation, and its eruption. I’ll get back to that daily routine, or some version of it, soon enough. That’s the idea at least. Got to keep your goals in focus, both short and long term, which is something I told a friend recently, but have been failing somewhat myself the past six months. It’s hard, but most good things are, in the beginning. Just pick up a guitar for the first time, and you’ll see.

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