I try to live a positive life. Avoid being negative, don’t bog down the room with my mood if it’s gloomy or sad. I find it’s easier to be happy, or at least feel okay, if you act like you are. It’s not a lie, or an act, it’s just better for everyone. Until it isn’t, of course. Then you need to get help. I’ve known people that waited too long, where the facade was more important than dealing with the reason it existed in the first place. Some of them aren’t with us anymore, others are doing just fine, now. I’ve lost touch with most of them. That’s fine, it happens. They’re all a reminder to me, when things are getting dark, that a lot of the things you feel aren’t real, they’ve just built up and you can’t see them for what they really are. Unless they are what you see, in which case you need help. I wish more people got help.

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