I have this friend who’s hell-bent on believing me to be some kind of health nut, that believes that I won’t eat anything that’s bad for me. It probably stems from the few times I brought in bean lunches to the office, to my dislike for pipless olives, and to me not eating breakfast. Or maybe it’s the fact that I rarely eat carbs, sugar, drink soft drinks, and have a little knowledge about what’s in various kinds of food. I don’t like unnecessary additives, nor processed food as a rule. So maybe that’s it. The thing is, she’s seen me stuff my face with so many unhealthy things, so many times. It just doesn’t stick. I’m picky with what I eat in her world.

In reality, I’ll eat whatever I want. True, I do avoid sugar and carbs overall, but if I want candy or, more likely, bread with some olive oil and sea salt, then I will. The same goes for meat. I don’t eat a lot of meat, but if I feel like it, I will. That happens very rarely these days though.

I try to eat healthy as a rule, and that’s had a positive impact on both my mind and body, but that’s about it. And yet, I’m forever the health nut in that particular book. Go figure.

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