I run two newsletters. One is my personal one, which I hope you’re subscribing to if you enjoy these journal entries. It’s in English and very irregular. I’ve got an issue queued up though, if you’re interested. The other newsletter is in Swedish, and all about WordPress. It’s called WPSE, and today I’m sending the 79th issue.

WPSE is a weekly newsletter, and barring the occasional break over holidays and a sick day or two, it’s been chugging along steadily. There’s something to the narrative that a weekly newsletter builds up. I like it, it’s nice to know I’m sending a missive to hundreds of people each week, a majority will read at least some of it, and that’s a connection we have, those readers and I. It’s not that far from what blogs used to be, which – of course – is why we’ve seen such a resurgence in personal newsletters these days. Not that blogs are dead, that’s utter nonsense, but social media has messed up people’s idea of what goes where. Social media has, in many ways, become not only asocial, but impersonal, whereas a newsletter is almost as personal as a dedicated email. And email is of course the ultimate social network, thus we’ve come full circle.

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