I’ve been productive this morning, which is the first time in over a week I can claim such a thing. There are a lot of tangles to unravel after being sick for such an extended period of time, including – obviously – quite a few emails to answer. I’m happy to have such a great team at Divide & Conquer, stepping in for the urgent stuff during the past week, while doing their own work on top of that. I think that exemplifies a good workplace: You help each other out when needed. That is something we’ll have to do this February, it’s quite packed with work, especially the coming weeks. I’m not worried, assuming we get to be healthy.

Speaking of which, I’m not entirely well just yet. Going to take it somewhat easy today, probably working from home, I haven’t decided yet. Health above all else, right?

Okay, enough of this. Bring it, Monday!

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