There’s a loud argument outside of my window. A man is arguing with a woman. Motorist and parking attendant, and you can probably guess who’s in the right, and who’s in the wrong in this particular situation. It’s fascinating, because what kind of argument is it if you park your car on a street where there is no parking on Tuesday mornings? There’s a sign, the proof’s there. I wouldn’t have argued about it – well, I wouldn’t have parked there in the first place – I’d just nod, take the ticket, and move my car. But he won, not the argument, but he got off without a ticket, so I guess the joke’s on me then. Be an asshole, save money. This Tuesday morning leaves me with a somewhat sour taste in my mouth. Prove me wrong, world.

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Have you read <em>Haunted Futures</em> yet? cover

Have you read Haunted Futures yet?

I’ve got a story in the science fiction/near future anthology Haunted Futures, together with the likes of Warren Ellis and Tricia Sullivan. Check it out!