Some germ or another has hit the Divide & Conquer studio, bringing down twenty-five per cent of the team. Let’s hope that’s the end of it, but it’s that time of year so I’m not holding my breath.

It’s time for an Ignored Manuscripts Month update, half-way through October. I’ve decided to move ahead with two finished drafts. Both need light editing, and one will get its ending somewhat revised. I think I got a little dark, even for that gritty little fantasy thing… There’s some interest for both of these novels, so that makes it so much easier to dig in and actually get it done. As with so much else in life, the last part is the hardest, although I don’t subscribe to the belief that the final ten per cent is ninety per cent of the work. That’s just dumb.

Have you read <em>Haunted Futures</em> yet? cover

Have you read Haunted Futures yet?

I’ve got a story in the science fiction/near future anthology Haunted Futures, together with the likes of Warren Ellis and Tricia Sullivan. Check it out!