Watched the Ted Bundy Tapes documentary series (four episodes) on Netflix, since I’m still sick, and it’s not a documentary I recommend.

First of all, it’s that American documentary format where something that takes twenty minutes to say is drawn out to an hour. Second, there’s not that many tapes in there, the majority of the episodes are stock footage and interviews with the usual suspects, although it does tie up in the end – with other tapes. Third, if you want to see the trial, watch the trial (and skip episode 3). Fourth and finally, the way this documentary is wrapped up, in all its drawn out death penalty glory is disgusting, no matter the crime.

This is not entertainment, nor is it educational. This is a reason to cancel your Netflix subscription, which was my initial reaction after seeing this. They dropped the ball a bit with Making a Murderer, but this is beyond that. I hate the fact that my subscription fees are helping to fund this.

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