My secret (Swedish) project has been found out, I suspect by more people than I know of. This has put the project on hold, at least temporarily, because its contents are meant for anonymity.

I started said project with three potential outcomes. First, it’d just be weird and uncomfortable for me personally, making me quit early on. Second, no one would give a damn and that’d make me quit. Third, it’d take off and I’d feel compelled to carry on. I ended up with the third route, which means new problems. I haven’t covered my tracks particularly well, because it was never meant to be a secret project in the long run. But now it’s being read and reacted to, and it’s out of my hands.

As a writer, I can’t control what the reader thinks of, and feels about, something I’ve written. I’m well aware of this. I’ll take the day to think about where to go from here.

This is probably the most meta journal entry yet. Sorry about that.

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