MFi Controllers And The iPod Touch

With iOS 7, Apple’s mobile devices got support for controllers. That means that all those less than perfect platform games with crappy on-screen buttons can be enjoyable again, at least if the developers implement support for controllers. Which they no doubt will, this is a huge market and a big fat slap in the face of the traditional game companies, such as Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft. Welcome to the fray, Apple.

Apple MFi Controller slide from WWDC

Apple MFi Controller slide from WWDC

When Apple announced and later launched both the iPhone 5c and 5s, there were no word of an iPod touch update. I found that peculiar, usually the iPod touch follow the iPhone in terms of horsepower, but not this time, at least not yet.

It does make perfect sense though. The iPod touch update will be compatible with these new MFi, or Made for iOS (or iPhone, to be precise) controllers, they’ll fit in the nasty encasings that Logitech and numerous others no doubt will flood the market with, and they’ll make an even bigger bump in the handheld games market. I wouldn’t want to have spent tons of money on PlayStation Vita right now, if you know what I mean. The iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch will continue to shake things up, more so than ever with the upcoming controllers.

Both the iPhone and iPad have gotten great new models, for various price ranges. The iPod touch is a bit of an oddity in the lineup perhaps, but it’s selling, and I think Apple saved it for a later (minor) announcement. One that, combined with said controllers, will be another reason for Nintendo and Sony to loose sleep over their handheld business.

It’s only progress, man.