There'll be an Iron Man 4

This is a pretty funny way to confirm Iron Man 4, don’t you think? Robert Downey Jr yapping about negotiations is an instant classic.

Given that the movie isn’t on Marvels list of upcoming titles, I’d wager we’ll have to wait until after The Avengers 3 before this hits the theaters. Probably a good idea too, because although I’ve enjoyed all three Iron Man movies, I do think a break from things is a good idea.

Pure speculation obviously, but why not? I think Tony Stark will be director of SHIELD in Iron Man 4, following events in The Avengers 3 most likely. And I also think that his actions as director will spin off things into a new spiral of threatening stuff, which obviously will lead to a new The Avengers movie, as well as drive the other Marvel movies towards that end. And yes, this is partly take from the comic book, where Tony Stark really does become the director of SHIELD, while Nick Fury is underground for some reason. I’m not all that well-read in these matters, but I’ve gathered that much.

While I’m blabbering about nerdy comics, I might as well let you know I think it’s a shame that the Extermis storyline (written by Warren Ellis, no less), hasn’t been utilized. There’s something like it in the Agents of SHIELD TV series, but it lacks the punch of the comics. Oh well, there’s still time I guess.